Thursday, June 11, 2009

I thought it was 2009!

We try to live an eco-conscious life. We recycle, compost, purchase locally, use CFL's, etc. If our home in Urbana ever sells, we'd love to replace our Honda with a Hybrid, or one of the little cars that gets really great gas mileage.

We've been interested in the Prius for a while. And, when the new commercial came out, I was intrigued with the way the "dancers" transform the scenery. I thought it was really cool.

But, the tag line? Man's wants and Nature's needs? Every time they say it, I can't believe it. Man's!? Are they really only selling this car to men? In our community in northern Illinois, I see many women driving the Prius. Are they not taking women's wants into consideration? Oh, wait, I get it. They (the men who wrote this ad) think that "man" refers to all of humanity.

Well, it doesn't. When you say "Man" I hear male, not female. And my 8 year old daughter also heard "man" meaning not her. She said, "how stupid! Don't they want women to buy their car also?"

So, Toyota, you just lost two customers. I'm thinking the Smart for 2 will be a better option for our family, since we have men's and women's wants to consider.


  1. Yah that is a pet peeve of mine as well!

  2. I liked The Abstinence Teacher, it was good. I am going to go read Slam next I like Nick Hornby, I forgot about him. I am just finishing up another Ian McEwan book, on Cheshill Beach. I like McEwan a lot but I know you are not a big fan. It's ironic becasue I first read Atonement because of you and he is one of my favorite authors!

  3. Thanks Sugarmag. I do like McEwan, I just have to be in the mood for him. I'm reading Fifth Child by Doris LEssing right now. It's very good, but creepy too.