Wednesday, February 19, 2014

She's a teenager!

 And it was time to do something about her room.  She used to have a blue room, so "once upon a time" the quilt went with her room.  Then we decided to switch her from the blue bedroom to the cream colored office.  It needs some attention, right?

She chose a gorgeous green called Awakening (Valspar) but I suggested that it was just too bright.  Luckily, she agreed and we went with Afternoon Delight.  The Valspar paint was fabulous!  It only took one coat to cover the walls and it just went on so smoothly.  Here's the same room now...

She loves it, I love it, it's all good!

She bought the new bedding from Kohl's with a gift card that was a Christmas present from her Uncle Terry.  We bought the desk a few years ago on craigslist.  I'm going to paint it white, but I think I'll wait until Spring when I can spray paint it outside.  The couch is from her Great Grandmother's.  It folds out into a double bed and is great to have in her room for sleepovers.

I covered both of her lampshades with some wrapping paper I picked up in the Target dollar bins.  It's a temporary fix, but we both love the look.  The cabinet/bookshelf is another craiglist purchase.

The dresser is a hand me down from friends, to her brothers, and now to her.

Even though I probably haven't spent even $200 over the years on her room, we both think it looks wonderful right now.  Just in time for her to turn into a teenager.  Yikes!

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